LA CROSSE, Wis. - Trane is accepting reservations for its second-half 2004 commercial training courses. One-week courses available are: air conditioning service, commercial service 1, commercial service 2, commercial service 3 Intellipakâ„¢ rooftop service, Precedentâ„¢/Voyagerâ„¢ rooftop service, HVAC electrical troubleshooting, commercial unitary controls, RTAA/WA/UA rotary chiller service, RTAC rotary chiller service, RTHA/RTHB rotary chiller service, RTHC/RTHD rotary chiller service, absorption essentials, Trane absorption chillers, CenTraVacâ„¢ systems fundamentals, CenTraVac electronic controls, and CenTraVac mechanical service.

Courses balance classroom theory with practical equipment and systems troubleshooting methods. Technicians will learn to diagnose problems with controls, refrigeration, and airside systems, to help reduce time and expense when servicing Trane products. All courses covering refrigeration provide the information on proper handling of refrigerants and compliance with current regulations.

Classes are held in Trane's technology center training facility in La Crosse, Wis., or at the product's manufacturing facility. Tuition for a one-week course is $1,350, with the exception of the CenTraVac mechanical service class, which is $2,700. Tuition includes daily transportation, lunch, and all training and reference materials. For the complete catalog, visit

Publication date: 08/16/2004