The UltraTech thermostat is designed to deliver “superior temperature and humidity control,” according to Emerson Climate Technologies.
ANAHEIM, Calif. - What more can a thermostat do?

At least a handful of manufacturers at the 2004 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition was glad to answer that question. While some introduced a brand-new thermostat, others noted a new twist to their line.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( introduced its UltraTechâ„¢ thermostat. Designed by White-Rodgers, the thermostat is the latest addition to the company's UltraTech Home Series. When combined with the Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressor and Comfort Alert Diagnostics (CAD), the thermostat delivers superior temperature and humidity control, said Bill Shockley, vice president, sales and marketing OEM.

The thermostat is designed to control the two-stage scroll compressor and a variable-speed blower motor to maximize cooling efficiency and optimize home comfort. And, when paired with the company's CAD, Shockley said the thermostat can alert the homeowner to problems and shut down the system automatically. This feature helps protect the scroll compressor and eliminates significant repair costs, he said.

"By bringing a new dimension of comfort, control, and system protection to homeowners, the UltraTech thermostat is a perfect addition to the UltraTech Home Series," he said. "Not only does it bring peace of mind to consumers, it also benefits contractors as well. By providing leading-edge products ... contractors can enhance their reputation and continue to build their business."

The thermostat also works with whole-house humidifiers. In winter months, the thermostat calls for the addition of humidity to the home; in the summer, it calls for removal of humidity, said Shockley. Increasing humidity allows the homeowner to lower the room temperature and maintain the same comfort level during the winter months, said the company. Properly controlled humidity also improves indoor air quality by decreasing concentrations of air pollutants, such as mold and other harmful organisms, said Shockley.

Siemens Building Technologies Inc. ( offered a new RCC family of stand-alone, noncommunicating room temperature controllers designed to provide individual room comfort for fancoil units configured as two-pipe, four-pipe, or two-pipe with electric heat. Features include an architectural design "that is easy to use for consistent comfort and energy savings, plus a high benefit-to-cost ratio," said the company.

Viconics ( showed its S3000 Series room temperature sensor. According to the company, the S3000 is specifically designed to provide accurate and stable temperature inputs to most types of building automation panels and terminal unit controllers for VAV, fancoil, heat pump, and packaged rooftop equipment applications.

Selco/ECC ( introduced its Model 2679 digital temperature controller with microprocessor-based technology. The company said the controller features a wide temperature adjustment and control range "for precise cooling or heating management." The 2679 is designed with a temperature control range of 20 degrees to 220 degrees F.

Selco also introduced its TL Series thermostats. According to the company, each is factory calibrated to user specifications with either fixed or adjustable settings. They are available in three models and offer a temperature range from room temperature to 518 degrees, the company said.

Kav-Kor Automatic Controls' ( Alfa 241 is a room thermostat designed to function with a fancoil, two or four tubes, or two tubes and a heating element. Features include fan speed selector, room thermostat selectors, temperature display, and fuse protection.

World Excel Company Ltd. (, headquartered in Hong Kong, displayed many of its LCD programmable thermostats. Managing Director Leung Po Ching noted that the LTH01, LT08, and LT06 are less than a year old. The company also had electronic thermostats/humidistats on display.

Reliable Controls ( featured its MACH-Vision user interface controller, calling it a fully programmable, wall-mounted device that has onboard temperature sensing and an onboard real-time clock for stand-alone operations. The company said the MACH-Vision's user interface controller gives operators "yet another simple, flexible, and economical solution to access, monitor, and control their building environments."

Automated Logic ( introduced its RS intelligent room sensors. The company said the RS Pro intelligent sensor is designed for use with its ZN, SE, and ME line controllers. It said the RS Pro "provides accurate zone temperature measurement and easy-to-use occupant controls in an attractive, low-profile enclosure."

Southeastern Industries Inc. (800-285-7326) introduced its EziStat LCD Slimline Thermostat at the expo. The new thermostat has three switching outputs, each capable of driving up to a maximum 1A at 24V, said the company. The thermostat is intended for applications requiring single-stage heating, single-stage cooling, and/or single-stage fan control, in any combination, the manufacturer said.

PSG Controls ( introduced a wireless room comfort system for hotels. The company said its new HotelStat-RFS is a "complete room system that puts components in an unoccupied mode." It features a radio frequency-controlled key cardholder, HVAC temperature control, switch, and accessories such as outlets. The company said the system is easy to install and saves up to 45 percent in energy costs, providing payback in 12 to18 months.

Viconics ( showed its T7600 LonTalk communicating thermostat. The T7600 Series single- and multi-stage communicating thermostats were specifically designed to control packaged and split HVAC equipment on a LonWorks network, said the company. The T7600 comes with a line of temperature sensors and is compatible with most types of HVAC equipment, including heat pumps, said the company.

Inovonics Wireless Corp. ( showed its wireless temperature-measurement system designed for food safety and HVAC applications. The company said the power of the 900-MHz technology allows hundreds of transmitters to send information to one receiver. With repeaters, the company said users can create a microcellular network to cover large buildings, malls, or multibuilding campuses.

ECO Manufacturing LLC ( featured its Eco-Stat X-15 thermostat. This circular, mercury-free thermostat features a built-in backlight, built-in magnifying lens, soft rubber dial, and numbers that glow in the dark.

Invensys Climate Controls Americas ( introduced its 9800 Series thermostats. According to the company, they offer integrated humidity sensing and dewpoint control, "all in the same, easy-to-use package."

The Commercial 9900 Series integrates an auxiliary contact "that can be used to control fresh air dampers or economizers." Both can be set in either English or Spanish.

Publication date: 03/08/2004