GLEN COVE, N.Y. — Intellidyne LLC, a manufacturer of energy-saving products for commercial and residential HVACR systems, has announced a strategic partnership with Connecticut-based New England Energy (NEE), a natural gas marketer.

“We saw a need to complement our natural gas operation and offer electrical energy technology to our clients,” said Ted Demmon, NEE president. “By providing significant cost savings for electricity as we have provided for natural gas, we expect our business to double within a year.”

Intellidyne’s, IntelliCon® product line monitors and analyzes heating and cooling system load in real time and modifies the control cycles necessary to maintain the temperature setting. According to the company, this dynamic cycle modification results in a more consistent comfort level and more efficient use of the system, with subsequent reduction in energy consumption (10 percent to 30 percent), wear and tear on the equipment, maintenance requirements, and pollution.

Publication date: 03/31/2003