CLEVELAND - Siemens Building Technologies Inc. will help the Cleveland Clinic Foundation to reduce its energy, water, and sewer costs through the design and construction of a central heating and cooling plant expansion, in conjunction with numerous campus-wide energy conservation improvements to existing systems and facilities.

The central plant expansion will provide service to the Cleveland Clinic's planned 900,000-square-foot Heart Center and support existing facilities. The Heart Center, one of the largest construction projects in Cleveland history, is currently in its final planning phase. It is scheduled to open in 2008.

The expanded central plant will provide 8,800 tons of cooling capacity. Siemens will integrate into the plant a new 100,000-lb/hr steam boiler, and a new 2,200 kW emergency generator that will provide basic emergency power to meet the Heart Center's chilled water and steam requirements. Upon completion, the expanded plant will replace nine existing chillers.

A Siemens APOGEE® building automation system will provide control strategies for the new central plant, including chiller optimization and controlled run-time. It also will monitor and control valves, dampers, and associated controls to ensure energy efficiency and optimum temperature control throughout the Heart Center.

Campus-wide conservation improvements have been designed to reduce electrical and natural gas costs, as well as lower water and sewer costs.

Facility improvements will include decommissioning the nine existing chillers, implementing lighting retrofits, upgrading older pneumatic HVAC controls with microprocessor-based controls, and installing variable flow controls on existing air-handling equipment.

Water conservation measures will be implemented to reduce potable water usage and associated sewer and water cost. The existing steam plant and associated steam distribution system will be upgraded, including repairs to steam condensate return system and steam traps, as well as burner control and economizer upgrades. Siemens also will provide preventive maintenance and ongoing support to maximize the cost savings benefits realized as a result of the campus-wide improvements.

Publication date: 03/07/2005