Copper Lock is a no-sweat solder, according to the company. It requires no heat to solder copper pipe and copper/brass fittings together. To use, sand the areas to be joined, apply a small amount of the solder to the fitting and pipe, then insert and turn the pipe 180 degrees or more. Wait for 30 seconds before handling. Pressure tests can be conducted after two minutes. Copper Lock will set up a permanent leak-proof bond in seconds, said the manufacturer. It seals against most fluids, gases, and chemicals and will withstand extreme vibration. The solder withstands temperatures without failure from -60° to 300°F; will withstand constant flow-through pressure of 10,000 psi; and will withstand up to 500 psi contained pressure. It is nontoxic and meets several U.S. military specifications.

ComStar International Inc., 20-45 128th St., College Point, NY 11356; 718-445-7900 or 800-328-0142; 718-353-5998 (fax)

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