Nexans radiant heating cable is designed for interior and exterior applications. For interior use, the cable can be used for wet bed or slab installations and with any type of flooring material including tile, hardwood, laminates, and carpet. For outside, the cable can be used for ground surface snow and ice melting applications under concrete, brick, pavers, or asphalt, as well as ice melting for roofs and gutters. It is made from a polyethylene-covered copper conductor wire core. A corrugated copper ground wire is then added, covered by a metallic sheath. The entire assembly is housed in a rugged PVC covering. The cable is designed with a patented, hidden, welded splice feature, with splice points clearly marked. For floor warming, the cable is available in sets ranging from 300 to 2,200 W. The cable is available for both 120- and 240-V applications.

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