The T Series automatic reset encapsulated thermostats, featuring a dry-seal design for protection against moisture, dust, water, and oil, is suited for humid environments, particularly for freezer, refrigerator, and air conditioner applications. It also features a capacity of up to 25 amps (Models T21 and T22). These thermostats have a fixed automatic reset bimetal disc, which opens at temperature ranges of -4 degrees to 212 degrees F (-20 degrees to 100 degrees C). They are rated at 100,000 cycles with differentials from 15 degrees to 72 degrees. The available input voltages include 120, 220, and 250 VAC. This series also features 18-gauge wire (Models T16 and T17) or 14-gauge wire (Models T21 and T22) leads, with 6-inch lengths standard; custom lengths are available on request.

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