The manufacturer Air Aroma has a line of products de-signed to disperse pleasant scents into the air. The purpose of scenting the air, states distributor Aromatic Biotechnology, is because aromatherapy can greatly enhance people's mood and may increase production. The product line includes a tabletop unit, the Aromax; a wall-mounted unit, the Aroscent Single/Multi; a portable unit, the Aroscent Portable; and the HVAC duct unit, Ecoscent Remote, which is designed for installations in which the diffuser can be seen and the pump and timer are set up in a cupboard or a ceiling space. The diffuser and electronics are linked by a 0.236-inch (6-mm) air hose. The Ecoscent Remote Duo consists of a pump, timer, and two diffusers, which makes it possible to distribute scent to a larger area or diffuse different rooms with different fragrances simultaneously.

Aromatic Biotechnology Systems, 1420 Fifth Avenue, Ste. 2200, U.S. Bank Centre, Seattle, WA 98101; 800-577-2298;;

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