Pictured is the Comfort-Set 90 multistage thermostat, which allows consumers to prioritize room control without installing a traditional zoning system.
While zoning is a beneficial application for homeowners and building owners, the cost for such a system may not be currently in a customer’s budget. But there is a solution, thanks to White-Rodgers.

Last year, the manufacturer introduced its Comfort-Set 90 Series multistage/heat pump models. The system provides increased comfort capabilities for customers who want to solve their heating and cooling problems, but don’t want to upgrade to a traditional zoning system.

The Comfort-Set 90 has the ability to zone by prioritizing temperature control. The system has digital signal remote sensors, which can be placed in up to three separate zones throughout a home or building. These digital sensors allow temperature readings to be converted to a digital signal before transmitting to the thermostat.

Unlike analog sensors, the accuracy of the signal will not be affected by the length of wire from the sensor to the thermostat.

The idea behind the system is to allow a consumer to place these sensors in the zones they feel need the most attention. One example is a two-story home with a single heating and cooling system, with the thermostat typically located on the main floor. With the ability to prioritize zone sensors by program period, the consumer can place control where it is needed, typically on the main level during the day and in the upstairs bedrooms at night.

Mike Shippa of Duquet Heating & Air Conditioning in Novi, MI, has been offering the Comfort-Set 90 to his customers since White-Rodgers introduced the product. He says that the system is easy to install and allows consumers to receive some of the benefits of a traditional zoning system without having to spend as much money.

“It’s a quick cure-all for customers that complain about not having enough cooling in certain areas,” says Shippa. He also illustrates that the system is perfect for two-story homes where the difference in temperature from the upstairs to the downstairs can be as much as 6?.

Shippa recommends the system to other contractors who want to give their customers another option when it comes to curing uneven temperatures.

There are further benefits. According to White-Rodgers, the system not only allows customers to save on the initial installation, it also allows for energy savings.

The models also offer luminescent back lighting for the display and a lighted keypad. These features are especially helpful for those late-night trips to the thermostat.

Publication date: 05/27/2002