MANCHESTER, NH — Teletrol Systems Inc. recently announced the development of Easel, graphical development software for use in conjunction with the company’s eBuilding facility automation system.

Easel is used to develop reusable program logic blocks for the eBuilding network controller. Easel’s program logic blocks implement generic, reusable control algorithms that can be linked to specific hardware and equipment for each application.

“As a result,” the company says, “users can develop and test solution components once and use them in multiple applications, reducing development time and error proofing the development process.”

Easel’s block library incorporates commonly used HVAC, scheduling, alarm, and energy management functions that further reduce engineering and setup time.

Easel is not limited to predefined sequences, the company says. It also allows users to drag, drop, and connect preconfigured function blocks “to create new logic or virtually any control sequence,” the company says.

Easel also provides the ability to test and debug control logic systems before installation, the company points out. The “debug simulator” feature lets users observe program execution, force program links, break links, and validate program operation against design requirements before going online.

For more information, contact Teletrol Systems at 603-645-6061; (website).

Publication date: 07/29/2002