ALEXANDRIA, VA — The Construction Specifications Institute’s (CSI’s) Executive Committee recently adopted a concept for revising and expanding the organization’s flagship document, the 16-division Master-Format™ specifications system, based on a recommendation from CSI’s MasterFormat Expansion task team.

MasterFormat, which functions as a “Dewey Decimal System” for the commercial construction industry, provides the organizational framework of the written instructions for construction of commercial buildings.

Under the concept approved by the executive committee:

  • Divisions 3-14 will remain largely intact.

  • Divisions 15 (Mechanical) and 16 (Electrical) will be eliminated, and their content will be divided among a proposed group of new divisions containing expanded content for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.

  • Two new divisions, covering Communications and Life Safety and Facility Protection, will be created.

  • Divisions 15 through 20, and other divisions throughout the proposed expansion, will be left blank as placeholders for new divisions dedicated to topics that may arise in the future.

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    Publication date: 03/25/2002