The Outdoor Air Intake toxic air purification system has been added to the SafeAirBox® Series. The system uses an active protection approach involving filtration of the outside air as it is brought into the building. According to the manufacturer, the proprietary, multistage particulate and gas-phase air purification media that the system uses remove a wide variety of harmful contaminants from the airstream, including fine particles and toxic chemicals in their gas phase. The system can be retrofitted into existing hvac systems or combined with dehumidification, heating, and cooling, to provide single-source packaged air treatment in new facilities.

Circul-Aire, division of Dectron Internationale, 10935 Crabapple Rd., Suite 202-B, Roswell, GA 30075; 800-800-1868 or 770-649-0102; 770-649-0243 (fax); (website).

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