WATERTOWN, MA — The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) Education Center is cataloging industry manufacturers, vendors, and schools that offer oil heat technical training so that graduates of those courses can receive continuing education units (CEUs).

NORA is requesting information from manufacturers who currently offer oil heat training programs. In addition, manufacturers that wish to conduct oil heat training but have yet to establish programs are also encouraged to respond.

The association has assumed responsibility for the National Oil Heat Certification program. The program is designed to recognize the achievement levels of technicians in the field with “Silver” and “Gold” certification. This program also

calls for re-certification every five years by one of two procedures. Technicians may attend courses during the five-year period to accumulate 24 CEUs, or they may retake and pass the certification exam.

NORA is aiming to create a master list of all known courses that qualify for awarding CEUs to students who successfully complete the courses.

To qualify, trainers need to forward four items to the NORA Education Center. They include: an overview of the course, course objective, an exam consisting of at least 10 questions, and course duration. Respondents are also asked to provide a schedule of when courses will be held in 2002 and the procedures by which technicians can register and attend. For more information, call 866-924-1100 or visit www.noraed.org (website).

Publication date: 12/24/2001