ATLANTA, GA – CertainTeed Corp. put its new duct liner surface enhancement to the test in a live demonstration of its moisture-repellent properties at the Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Expo on Tuesday.

A perpetually running waterfall fashioned of ToughGard Fiber Glass insulation with Enhanced Surface illustrated the moisture resistance of the new surface.

In addition, CertainTeed announced at the expo that its Enhanced Surface feature is now available on its ToughGard R, the company’s rotary-based duct liner. It joins the company’s ToughGard Duct Liner, a long-textile-based product.

“The new Enhanced Surface of ToughGard and ToughGard R Duct Liner will not absorb moisture like other fiber glass duct liners and has proven to be approximately 40% more moisture resistant than the previous generation of ToughGard duct liner insulation,” said company spokesman Tom Newton. “The new surface helps alleviate some specifiers’ concerns about the moisture that may enter a duct system due to improperly sealed duct joints or poorly installed and maintained duct systems.”

According to Newton, the tougher, smoother, more damage-resistant airstream surface on all ToughGard hvac insulation products provide “exceptional resistance to tearing, puncturing, and surface wear during installation and cleaning with industry-recognized duct cleaning equipment.” Newton claimed Enhanced Surface serves as a barrier against infiltration of dust and dirt into the insulation, improves system efficiency, exhibits low air resistance, and reduces the potential for fiber erosion.