SIMI VALLEY, CA — Is it possible to build an antimocrobial home? Richard Wardrop is planning to show the world it can be done.

Wardrop is chairman and ceo of AK Steel, which is presently putting the finishing touches to its dramatic 11,000-sq-ft concept home nestled on 130 hillside acres of rock formations and lush landscaping here. More importantly, Camino de Robles is being constructed with products made from AK Steel’s carbon and stainless steels coated with AgION¿echnologies’ antimicrobial compound.

“This project sets the stage for the home of the future,” said Wardrop. “The AK Steel concept home will be striking in appearance while offering the benefits of steel construction. Using our steel coated with AgION’s antimicrobial compound, this project also introduces a new way to help combat germs on key surfaces in the home.”

The home’s structure and parts of the exterior are being made of steel, from frame to roof, designed to make it easier to maintain and resistant to fire and earthquakes. AgION-coated steel products are being used in “high-touch” zones throughout the home, including handrails, doorknobs, faucets, and food preparation surfaces, noted Wardrop. The hvac ductwork is also be made from AgION-coated steel.

“AgION’s antimicrobial compound is already used throughout the world to make products resistant to the growth of bacteria,” said Roger Freedman, AgION chairman and ceo. “By bringing this technology to steel, more products than ever can benefit from this added capability.”

According to AgION Technologies, a privately held Wakefield, MA-based company engaged in antimicrobial and material research and development, its compound is a long-lasting, inorganic material that contains silver — “a safe and natural antimicrobial agent that has proven successful in controlling the growth and spread of a broad range of microorganisms such as fungi and yeast.” It said the Food and Drug Administration and the National Sanitation Foundation have recognized the compound as a “safe and acceptable antimicrobial coating for all food contact materials.”

The compound is backed by others, including Dr. Chuck Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona.

“This steel is coated with the world’s most advanced inorganic antimicrobial,” said Dr. Gerba, who plans to study the impact of the AgION-coated steel on several elements in the home, including air quality. “The coating contains silver ions that are released at a slow and steady rate ensuring long-term protection of steel and other surfaces. AK Steel’s concept home will be a tangible example of advanced cleanliness in the home.”

Nationally renowned architect David Martin of AC Martin Partners created the concept home’s design, which has already received an award from the American Institute of Architects for design excellence.

The latest news on Camino de Robles is available at, where the construction of the home is being tracked.