AMESBURY, MA — Munters Moisture Control Services has completed a project to clean the air in two New York City office buildings damaged by the collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC).

Located at 111 and 115 Broadway, just one block from ground zero, the Trinity Buildings were immersed in the smoke, dust, and debris that resulted from the collapse of the two towers. The buildings were not seriously damaged as a result of the collapse, but the clouds of dust forced into the structure required extensive cleaning and deodorizing.

“Munters has helped the building’s management clean the air inside the offices using a two-part process,” said Mike Conlon, Munters New York City district manager. “Our services have helped return the air to a cleaner, more pleasant condition for returning workers. Building management felt that this was helpful in making tenants feel safe when reoccupying their offices.”

The manufacturer set up “air scrubbers” on 20 floors of the buildings and built an air-moving system to circulate the interior air through them. Also, to eliminate smoke, Munters used wet and dry fogging processes to neutralize the odor.

Publication date: 11/05/2001