Native Series BACnet-compatible controllers have a graphical display temperature sensor, the SBC-STAT3, which allows the user to change setpoints, place a system into occupied override, and interface to the controller directly through the room sensor without the need for additional hardware or software, the company says. The SAGEMAX area controller offers the flexibility of multiple communication protocols, as well as trending, scheduling, alarming, and programming capabilities, states the manufacturer. The NB-ASC and NB-ASC(e) controllers are used in heat pump, rooftop, and fancoil applications. The NB-VAVr, NB-VAVra, NB-VAVrf, NB-VAVta, and NB-VAVtf variable-air-volume and constant-air-volume terminal box unitary controllers are available, as are the NB-V3Tb and NB-V3Td unitary controllers.

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