North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and the Dealer Training Center have formed a strategic alliance designed to bridge the gap between training and certification.

With the arrangement, the Dealer Training Center will be providing preparation training for those looking to take the NATE test. The Dealer Training Center and its partner,, offer pre-certification assessment exams designed to help technicians identify their respective strengths and weaknesses regarding specific knowledge areas.

"In the past, some technicians attempting NATE certification did not have access to effective training and education," said Carl Smith, director of public relations and marketing for NATE. "A technician without proper preparation has less chance of passing the NATE exam. With proper preparation, technician passing rates climb markedly.

"The Dealer Training Center is building a bridge to help more technicians nationwide earn NATE certification after quality online training. Contractors are asking wholesalers about the Dealer Training Center's program, and wholesalers are asking suppliers if they have entered into a manufacturer's co-op program. With everyone involved, the HVACR industry can build a causeway between training and NATE certification - and that will lead to a more profitable and successful future for everyone in the industry."


The Dealer Training Center was formed to supply technicians with education and preparation by way of the wholesale distribution channel. Training is delivered through distributor outlets in an online format to dealers and their service and installation technicians. This online format is available 24/7.

The center is a division of CSEI (Connection Strategies Enterprises Inc.) of Milwaukee. Connection Strategies is an information technologies company that has been providing IT staffing, contract development services, training, Internet development, and e-business/e-commerce solutions to a wide variety of companies and government for over 28 years.

The center management is comprised of a team of veterans from the IT, Internet, wholesale distribution channel management, electrical, and automation manufacturing markets.

The center was formed as an IT services, sales, and marketing provider to, which is an organization of professional HVACR educators "using proven distance learning methods and technology." On its Website, it states: "It's simple; the student-employee receives education via the Internet from certified HVACR professionals who are also professional instructors. Students can work on their course any time of the day or night any day of the week. The employer interested in verifying competencies may use the supplementary material supplied by HVACRe to establish the level of understanding the student has achieved in the technology."

For more information, Contact Geoff Fox at 262-650-6500 for more details about the Dealer Training Center. For more details about NATE, contact Carl Smith, 703-600-0361.

Publication date: 06/12/2006