HeatingHelp.com, a popular website for followers of the “wet” (plumbing and mechanical) trades, has just introduced a new feature designed to help homeowners and business owners find competent professional help for their heating questions.

Contractors can join the growing list of businesses that are finding this way to reach consumers who depend on their information from the Internet. According to website founder Dan Holohan, contractors can take a “test run.” Here’s how: “If you'd like to see how it works, just follow this link: www.heatinghelp.com/getlisted.cfm. Once you're there, type in your zip code (as if you were a potential client) and then click on Closest 10. That will give you a view of some of the contractors who have signed up in the past week. Click on their names to see the showcase of their work. Now imagine yourself as a potential client.”

Publication date: 07/23/2001