KANSAS CITY, MO — CMS Viron Energy Services, based here, has been awarded the fourth and fifth phases of an energy services contract for the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT.

Completion of the first three phases of the contract was accomplished by CMS, and included the construction of a chilled-water plant built from the savings achieved from two retrofit contracts. The total contract is worth $43 million.

Orfeo Kostrencich, administrative manager of the University of Utah, said, “CMS Viron is providing facility upgrades that will cost about $21 million and will lower energy costs by about 27%.

“Those excess savings on the retrofitted buildings will pay for the construction of a high-temperature water heating facility for the central plant. It was essential for the university to have this retrofit and high-temperature water plant complete in time for next year’s heating season.”

Publication date: 02/26/2001