ITASCA, IL µ With large numbers of children developing allergies and asthma every year, homeowners are looking for effective ways to control mold, dust, and other allergens. This is the conclusion of a nationwide survey conducted for the Chelsea Group, Itasca, IL, an indoor air quality consulting company, by Market Facts, Arlington Heights, IL, a market research firm.

“Only 4.1% of homeowners expressed no interest in purchasing products to improve the quality of air inside their homes, which translates into a strong market for products for home use that can effectively control molds, dust, and allergens that make asthma and allergies worse,” said George Benda, chairman and ceo of the Chelsea Group.

“What is intriguing about the results of this survey is that homeowners by far prefer whole-house to room-by-room solutions by nearly 2 to 1, with strong preferences for purchasing a better filter or air cleaner for their home’s furnace or air conditioner (81.5%) as compared with other options, such as an air-cleaning machine for a single room,” he stated.

In addition, the survey shows that homeowners prefer to control molds, dust, and allergens at the source. For example, products that control humidity and moisture ranked highly in the survey, said Benda.

“This survey…underscores two key trends in our data: Concern about indoor air quality is at an all-time high, and dust, molds, and other triggers that can make asthma and allergies worse top the list of what people think constitutes bad indoor air quality. Even more significant, these data emphasize that the majority of Americans are willing to put their money where their mouth is,” he noted.

For more information, contact the Chelsea Group at 800-626-6722; (website).

Publication date: 11/13/2000