BALTIMORE, MD — First Service Networks, a provider of technical site maintenance for retail chains and other commercial properties, has awarded $5,000 to six hvac contractors. The award money was an incentive for hvac service contractors to help with a special project to affix identification labels to hvac units serviced by First Service Networks. Each contractor who assisted in the project was automatically enrolled in a nationwide drawing. Six winners were selected representing six geographic regions.

The purpose of the project was to capture data from 50,000 serviced units by First Service Networks. The data will then be used as a part of a Web-based interactive system that allows contractors to access maintenance histories and other information through wireless Web-accessed telephones.

The winners are as follows: Raymond Hinkamper of Raymond Hinkamper Service Co. (Quincy, IL); Ed Kemp of Kemph-Munsinger (Enid, OK); John Robichaud, owner of Robie’s Refrigeration (Hyaniss, MA); Bruce Gohman, owner of Weidner’s Mechanical Contractor (St. Cloud, MN); Robert Tallan, owner of Advanced Mechanical Systems (Spokane, WA); and Ernest Orpahnos, owner of Allied Trades, Inc. (Wernersville, PA).

Publication dates: 06/11/2001