If hvacr contractors want to give advice, get paid for it, and open up a new venue for marketing their business, go online and check out www.Keen.com.

The Web site enables visitors with heating and cooling questions to directly connect to a contractor or hear recorded messages about common hvacr questions.

Unlike other forum-type venues where consumers can “chat” via posted messages, visitors to this Web site can immediately (within 3 sec) connect to a “live” businessperson in many different service and/or repair businesses.

Contractors can set their own fees for giving advice (e.g., $1 per min), and can also record informational messages that can be accessed for a fee.

“With your own expertise, you could charge fees for live answers over your own telephone, to individuals with home improvement questions,” said Keen.com’s Angela Dake, “all without adding projects to your workload or hours to your day.

“Once you have signed up as a Keen.com member and created a listing describing yourself to the community, other members simply click on the ‘Call Now’ button next to your listing, and we connect you privately for a one-on-one conversation.”

Dake said that the two parties are immediately connected and no personal information is available to either party.