The National Evaluation Service, Inc.

The National Evaluation Service, Inc. (NES) (Falls Church, VA) has released its response to the 52 recommendations provided to it at its 1999 National Summit on “Enhancing the U.S. Evaluation Process to Facilitate Building Technology Acceptance.” The goal of the summit was to identify the needs of the building community with respect to technology evaluation to facilitate the acceptance and implementation of new technology.

The NES has also announced the availability of an evaluation protocol for “Determination of Flood Resistance of Building Elements.” The protocol will be used as the starting point for manufacturers who want their building products evaluated by the NES for flood resistance with respect to the 2000 International Building Code and 2000 International Residential Code.

In addition, the NES has announced the publication of the “Protocol for Durability Assessment of Building Products and Systems.” The protocol will be used by the NES Building Innovation Center for manufacturers who choose to have their products evaluated for durability and anticipated service life.