PHILADELPHIA, PA — As a follow-up to its successful fifth grade education kit, Build Up!, the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) has unveiled its middle school education kit, On Site!

The kit is designed to provide real-world lessons and activities for students, educating them about the construction industry and teaching math, science, and language arts skills.

“We are excited to bring On Site! to educators, students, and their families to demonstrate the vast career opportunities available to them in the construction industry,” said AGC vice president and ceo Stephen E. Sandherr.

“The program will take millions of students on a journey through our industry, beginning with the examination of the earliest construction projects and techniques and challenging them to apply those techniques in designing their own modern city, complete with the necessary infrastructure.”

AGC plans to continue providing students and educators with information about the construction industry. A third program is planned to address high school students to provide more specific occupational information for young people who are planning their careers and higher education.

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Publication date: 10/16/2000