The Service Roundtable, an online subscriber organization whose mission is to “help contractors improve their business and financial performance leading to a profitable exit strategy,” recently offered additional member benefits.

  • Member Announcements is the “most important” Service Roundtable list, according to the organization. This list is where members are informed about new Service Roundtable content. Member Announcements are issued one to three times per week. The organization says that it is “highly recommended” that members subscribe to Member Announcements.

  • Comanche Marketing is a publicly available e-mail newsletter issued two to four times per week. Each issue contains a marketing tip directed for small, in-home service businesses. With rare exception, Comanche Marketing is written by Service Roundtable president and CEO Matt Michel.

  • Every week or two, the Service Roundtable issues a press release or Public Announcement. Announcements are typically sent to the HVAC trade press and HVAC websites. If members sign up for this list, they will be “kept in the loop” on what Service Roundtable is communicating to the media.

  • The NETwork is the only discussion list available to members. Through the NETwork, members post questions they have about their businesses. These have ranged from questions about the impact of unconditional satisfaction guarantees to sources of a certain kind of dip tube for water heaters to sources for employee background checks. When a member replies to a NETwork post, everyone on the NETwork receives the e-mail.

    A digest version of the NETwork is available as an option. With the digest, members receive one e-mail per day that contains all postings to the NETwork in sequential order. The digest is recommended if members do not have time to read individual postings, but also do not want to miss key information.

  • The eLetter is an HVAC-focused management letter on a variety of topics relevant to the business of running a contracting company. eLetters have been written by Lee Rosenberg, Ron Smith, Matt Michel, and Randy Hilton. In the future, Service Roundtable members, Consult & Coach Partners, and others are all expected to write eLetters. The eLetter is published one to three times per week.

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    Publication date: 12/09/2002