Yes, the people at James River Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. are a great bunch. Any contractor who will take the time to pose for aNewsphoto shoot on a cold and windy day in Richmond, VA…well…doesn’t that say something about president Hugh A. Joyce Jr.? (By the way, he’s the one holding the tray of beverages and the nifty wad of cash.)

We believe so.

In fact, all of the people above work for James River, voted one of the best contractors to work for by The News.

At far left is 54-year-old Jan de Cheubel, a service tech for 35 years and presently on the winning team of James River. (“It’s the best company I’ve ever worked for,” he says. “No other company has given me this!”) Dressed in the nurse outfit (symbolizing “medical benefits and more”) is Janet Gould, director of marketing. Dressed in the graduation garb (and representing “training and education”) is Ray Crowe, residential service coordinator.

While we are uncertain if residential service manager Mark Gardner will actually shine the shoes of his techs, he did it for us (to represent “respect”). Enjoying the “respect” — and happy to receive the cash from president Joyce — is smiling technician Bryan Hayden. (“Everyone’s willing to help each other out here,” says Hayden.)

Congratulations to James River Heating & Air Conditioning and all of the winners in The News’ first-ever “Best Contractor to Work For” contest.