Company: Greenheck

Product: Air Distribution Products

Description: Greenheck’s air distribution products include an extensive selection of supply and exhaust grilles and registers, ceiling diffusers, air terminal units (ATUs), linear diffusers and grilles, plenum slot diffusers, and VAV diffusers that are designed, engineered, and tested to meet a range of performance and aesthetic requirements. ATUs include single duct, dual duct, constant volume, variable volume, and retrofit models. Air distribution products are also offered for specialty applications such as displacement ventilation for spaces with ceiling heights of 9 feet or greater. Stainless steel GRDs are available for applications requiring corrosion resistance and durability. A complete line of fire-rated air distribution products is designed for use in 3-hour fire-rated exposed grid suspended ceilings. Engineered polymer products are also available for environments with nonferrous requirements like MRI rooms, pools, and water treatment plants.

Contact: 715-359-6171;; eProduct 183

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