Company: WaterFurnace International Inc.

Product: Symphony 3.0 Platform

Description: The Symphony 3.0 Platform (Contractor Portal and Home Comfort Platform) from WaterFurnace International Inc. is available for 3, 5, and 7 Series and water-to-water WaterFurnace geothermal units. With Symphony Home Comfort Platform, consumers can remotely control temperatures and programs for up to six zones (with the IntelliZone2 zoning system), observe and track their unit’s energy use for the last 25 months over any date range, and receive alerts and service reminders via email, text, or push notification. Symphony gives installing technicians remote, real-time access to information. By remotely accessing fault codes, historical data, and system performance metrics, technicians can use the Symphony Contractor Portal to troubleshoot and diagnose issues before they arrive onsite for a repair.

Contact: (800) 934-5667;; eProduct 181


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