LAS VEGAS, NV — On the first night of the AHR Expo on January 31, Cambridge Air Solutions held their customer and representative appreciation cocktail reception at Margaritaville. After a long-awaited reunion due to the social distancing and event cancellations of the pandemic, AHR attendees were happy to reconnect on the restaurant’s rooftop while enjoying a spread of food and drinks from the bar.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Cambridge Air Solutions designs and manufactures commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, and evaporative cooling products. When asked about current trends in consumer interest and popular products, Annie Krieger, marketing manager at Cambridge Air Solutions, said indoor air quality products are among the top in demand. She attributes much of this interest to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have a whole ventilation series that's about bringing in outside air. I feel like we've had this line for a long time and then all of a sudden, people cared more about it,” said Krieger.

She also suggested that companies who have yet to acknowledge the current trends in IAQ need to catch up, because they are missing out on an opportunity to meet client demands.

Coincidentally, right before the pandemic at the AHR Expo in 2020, Cambridge rebranded to place an emphasis on their air services. Krieger said what used to be Cambridge Engineering was now Cambridge Air Solutions, and their motto is “Enriching Lives”.

“What that means is enriching the quality of every life that we touch. So it’s indoor air quality, but it's also healthy work environments. It’s ‘How can leadership continually improve for their employees?’” explained Krieger.

Something that HVAC professionals everywhere are struggling with is the labor shortage. Krieger emphasized the importance of a company taking care of its employees, because if employees are happy and treated well, they will be loyal to the brand and stay working for them. She said everybody is looking for a healthy working environment, which is something she finds present at Cambridge Air.

“People care about their workforce and they want to make sure that they're safe, healthy, and stick around,” said Krieger.