LAS VEGAS, NV — If an AHR Expo attendee was looking to test their skills against the clock (and others in the HVACR industry), then the hilmor booth on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 1, would have been the perfect spot. A brand under the DiversiTech family, hilmor, has been running their annual “Fastest Hands in HVAC” contest since 2017.

For this competition, participants were timed on their ability to complete several HVAC repairs and installations. Each round had a different task the participants were called up to compete two at a time. Those competing were required to wear gloves and safety goggles when working with any of the given tools.

The winner of this year’s contest was Yechiel Septon, an AHR attendee who has been working in the HVAC industry for eight years. Recently, as of summer 2021, Septon decided to open up his own small HVAC business.

“This is my first year coming [to the Expo]. I like tools and want to see new products, so it’s been great so far,” said Septon

An owner of many hilmor tools of his own, Septon saw the contest and thought he would give it a shot, so he signed himself up. Through a series of rounds, he weeded out his competitors until the final stage, where he was announced the winner. The prize? One thousand dollars-worth of hilmor tools.

Septon said he looks forward to competing again at the next AHR Expo.