MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Altierus Training Solutions (ATS) announced the launch of its new Accelerator training platform. The solution aims to help HVAC employers develop field-ready technicians faster and more effectively than traditional means. To do so, it brings together online learning with hands-on application in the field to deliver a cost-effective and scalable solution.

Driven by an aging workforce and continued demand, HVAC career vacancies are on the rise throughout the country and were highlighted as essential careers during the pandemic. The ATS Accelerator is designed to help fill labor and skills gaps by transitioning entry-level technicians into the field using technology-based training that allows workers to learn on the job.

“At Altierus Training Solutions, we make sure our technology-enabled training works for the people in the field. From providing expert-facilitated, virtual training to mobile tools that connect employees on the job, the goal is to build real-world, hands-on proficiency,” said Andrea Adams, vice president of ATS. “In developing our solutions, we let the market guide us. We’ve found there’s a tremendous amount of interest in and need for our approach.

The ATS Accelerator technology platform is available anytime for trainees to move their careers forward. The solution also integrates in-field skills verification, where each trainee is paired with a company mentor. To help ensure company, trainee, and mentor success, ATS provides holistic client support with expert-facilitated training and coaching.

Mentors evaluate the trainees’ hands-on competency in the field to ensure that the skills learned virtually translate into the real world. Employers have access to all trainee data and can track progress.

The Accelerator solution is designed for national and regional HVAC operators that strategically desire to differentiate themselves on training and talent to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.