NEW YORK — Thermostat Recycling Corp. (TRC) urges consumers to examine their thermostats and recycle them if their unit contains mercury on Sunday, Oct. 24 — Recycle Your Mercury Thermostat Day.

“TRC has recycled millions of mercury-containing thermostats, yet we continue in our mission to find and recycle that last mercury-containing thermostat,” said Danielle Myers, operations and compliance manager, TRC. “While we recognize the tremendous strides we’ve made in replacing these thermostats, we know that older versions still exist and pose a potential health risk if not properly recycled.

“We have succeeded for 22 years in replacing and recycling these units because of our national network of wholesalers who served as the collection point for mercury-containing thermostats. They have faithfully committed themselves to ensuring that our collection and recycling process has been a success for more than two decades.

“We created and celebrate Recycle Your Mercury Thermostat Day as a public service to consumers by creating awareness about the issue. While we’ve removed millions, we know some are still out there, and we intend to find and recycle them all.”

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