Company: Modine

Product: GulfCoat Circuit Shield Conformal Spray Coating

Description: When properly applied, Circuit Shield coatings provide a clear, micro-thin acrylic coating that protects surfaces from the harmful effects of corrosion caused by environmental forces such as salty ocean air. Further, it helps to mitigate problems caused by pests such as geckos, ants, snakes, and mice. The easy-to-apply spray offers superior adhesion and can be applied on-site during installations. Formulated to support dielectric properties, Circuit Shield coatings offer enhanced UV resistance and excellent moisture resistance to coated surfaces. Circuit Shield coatings are harmless to geckos and other pests but provide the needed barrier to reduce damage to expensive circuit boards. When properly applied, Circuit Shield spray coatings offer a uniform dry film thickness of 10-36 μm (0.4 -1.4 mils) and meet a 5B rating for crosshatch adhesion per ASTM D3359. Corrosion durability shall be confirmed through testing to no less than 2,500 hours salt spray resistance per DIN 53167 (ASTM B117) using aluminum test coupons. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage test shall pass at 1500 volts/mil thickness.

Contact:, eProduct 184

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