Company: Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.

Product: Infrared DR82 Leak Detector

Description: The infrared model DR82 leak detector is designed for field use, as it is easy to read in bright sun or low indoor light with large, bright blue LCD displays for leak information. The display includes bar graphs and numerical values. In addition, it has a long-lasting battery and features like high sensitivity, multiple refrigerant detection, audible alarms, and a flashing lighted tip for an easy visual indicator.  The infrared model DR82 gives technicians a sensitivity in the field of <0.03 ounces per year. To pinpoint the leak, the user sweeps the area with the DR82 IR Leak Detector, resulting in the unit sensing a change in refrigerant levels so the user doesn’t have to manually change the sensitivity. The DR82 has consistent leak detection across all refrigerants and is designed to last about ten years. It has the added protection of a replaceable water-blocking filter that keeps moisture and contaminants from reaching the sensor. The rechargeable 10-hour lithium-ion battery powers the unit for a full day of testing.

Contact: 714-634-1844;; eProduct 188

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