As service technicians, we’ve all been in the situation where we feel like we need to be in three or more places at once while installing or repairing a system. We’re measuring the temperature at an air vent, keeping an eye on superheat and subcooling and tracking changes in static pressures while also monitoring the health of the entire system. It isn’t an easy job, and on a larger site, it can take up most of your day.

If you’re using traditional, wired tools, you’re in for a lot of hooking up and unhooking, checking and rechecking and walking all over the job site for your readings. Plus, if the ideal location for a pressure probe is at the opposite end of a crawlspace, you’ll spend a lot of your time crawling around as well. Fun stuff.

With wireless tools that have an extended range, the days of walking or crawling back and forth all day to check on readings are long gone. That location that’s on the opposite side of the crawlspace won’t seem so far away once you realize it’s a “one-and-done” situation now. Set it up once and do the rest from your phone. The tedious process of checking readings, making adjustments, and going back to check again to ensure all your levels are just right can now be done seamlessly through your phone.

A wireless tool with a long range eliminates a lot of wasted time. Time that you could be spending repairing a system or visiting more customers. Also, since they are untethered, they can be installed exactly where they’ll give you the best reading — you aren’t limited by hose length, arm length, or your proximity to an electrical outlet. You can set your wireless manometer, temperature probe, pipe clamp, or other tool at the ideal location for getting the right measurements and leave it there. You can even track changes in refrigerant level from across the building as you charge a system. You’re unstoppable.

Once your wireless tools are placed, they’re able to work independently and deliver data directly to your mobile device in real-time. You can track and monitor pressures and temperatures in real-time while you’re making changes to the system. As you make adjustments to the thermostat, you’ll be able to see right away what other values change. This can lead to a quicker diagnosis and more satisfied customers.

The Fieldpiece Job Link Charge and Air Kit is a great example of a set of tools that takes advantage of this wireless versatility. Hook up each wireless pressure probe, pipe clamp, and psychrometer and you’ll get a quick snapshot of a system. You’ll see the fluctuations in pressure and keep an eye on superheat and subcooling. It’ll be much easier and faster for you to diagnose a system’s health and determine what repairs or adjustments are needed.

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