Company: MSI

Product: Service Pro Bulk Inspect

Description: Service Pro Bulk Inspect is a new set of mobile inspection capabilities built with high-volume equipment inspections in mind. Bulk Inspect provides simple pass/fail mobile inspection options to reduce inspection time per asset. The new Bulk Inspect feature adds to the end-to-end field inspection capabilities already in Service Pro. With Service Pro’s customizable inspection form builder, inspection companies can easily duplicate paper inspection forms to match jurisdiction requirements. Then using Service Pro Mobile, field inspectors can complete entirely digital inspections, from simple checklists to complex, multilevel safety inspections. When using the Bulk Inspect feature, field inspectors can easily document the actions taken to correct any failed equipment. After tagging equipment with a fail status on the Service Pro Mobile app, inspectors can then provide details about the bulk inspection result, such as whether the failed items were repaired or replaced. As soon as the inspector completes the inspection, the results and actions taken are automatically emailed to customers.

Contact: 262-241-7800,, eProduct 189

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