Making use of your Flue Gas Analyzer can help with challenges the “New Normal” may pose as you get back to work. With decades of FGA design and manufacturing experience, TPI has developed a product that provides solutions to today’s issues.

Cost: Undoubtedly, overall costs of running a business will be re-evaluated. The DC710 Bluetooth FGA allows users to save money while making money. With smart design, we have reduced the build costs of the DC710 by removing components that cost the most: display, keypad, operating system, and processors. Smart phones and/or tablets already provide technicians with a far more enhanced and powerful display & processor than we could ever put into an FGA.

Additionally, when designing the DC710 we kept proven technologies, such as the existing Flue Gas & Temperature Sampling Probe with Water Stop Technology. Keeping these standard accessories “standard” also works to keep units affordable.

Low-cost servicing, or cost of ownership, is also a hallmark of the TPI brand. Building on this advantage, we now provide online booking and tracking of service orders, either through the free TPI View App or your own online portal through the TPI website.

Minimizing Contact: Contact free reporting and e-mails help with social distancing as no physical paperwork needs to be handed to the client. This can all be done electronically. In addition, useful alerts, warnings, and notifications designed to keep the DC710 running optimally between annual certifications, reduces the need for human interaction or unnecessary service orders.

Flexibility: The TPI View app is continually enhanced with updates which keep performance in step with constantly improving technology. This is not a static product that becomes obsolete the moment it’s off the shelf.

TPI DC710 and the accompanying TPI View app., offer following features:

  • Color-coded (green, amber, red) readings such as “In-Spec” Ratio etc. make it easier to identify a potential problem.
  • GPS-, date-, and time-tagged reports provide unequivocal proof of completed work.
  • Notifications of Next Calibration Due Date, and reminders to put the test cap back on or to pick up all your test equipment at the end of the job help you manage your work.
  • Detailed warnings of potential water or dust ingress using water stop technology and stopping the pump, protect the instrument from unnecessary downtime.
  • The ability to add data from airflow, IAQ, pressure, or temperature Smart Probes maximizes efficiency and thoroughness of reporting.
  • All reports can easily be emailed to multiple recipients.

In short, TPI provides technology which reduces costs, lightens the workload, keeps the FGA in optimal performance, and streamlines and simplifies the annual recalibration procedure. Most significantly the DC710 provides security and peace of mind for the contractors and clients by making it easy to accurately determine the efficiency and safety of gas fuelled appliances.

Content provided by TPI