Company: Refrigeration Technologies LLC

Product: ArtikControl™ ecMotor Controller

Description: This product introduces two fan speeds — low speed when no refrigerant is needed and high speed, only during active cooling. The retrofitted equipment saves energy and money while also reducing wear and tear on the compressor. It also relies on two temperature sensors, with one directly inside the refrigeration coil, to accurately determine when and how long to run the defrost cycle. According to the company, users experience ROI in less than two years. Customers with walk-in freezers typically see a return in as little as 13 to 14 months. In addition to energy and cost savings, the product includes a virtually maintenance-free experience, extended compressor life, and extended shelf life for those products kept in cold storage. Two additional byproducts of retrofitting or upgrading a walk-in cooler or freezer with this device are the noticeable heat and noise reduction that result.

Contact: 888-286-3091,, eProduct 186

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