Company: Airthings

Product: HBS Wave Mini

Description: Designed for commercial spaces as an extension of the Airthings Healthy Building Solution’s existing product line of smart radon detectors and air quality monitors, this product provides insight for total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), temperature, and humidity. It allows employers and facilities managers to visualize any changes in air quality or comfort levels in varying locations around the building. Users can place the device on a flat surface using the stand or can attach it to the wall using a single screw. Then they download the app, pull the battery tab, and follow instructions in the app. The sensor sampling interval is every five minutes. Its sensor resolution/accuracy is 0.1 / ±1 °C/F for temperature, 1 / ±3 percent for humidity, and ~7 days TVOC. It is powered by three AA batteries and has wireless, Bluetooth, and SmartLink capabilities.

Contact:, eProduct 183 


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