From the vacuum pump on the perimeter to the assortment of hand tools in the middle, the trademark yellow and black Fieldpiece Instruments products seemed to gather comments from loyal contractors across the booth.

If traffic at the booth was any indication, the company might brace for more interest with its new Job Link® System Dual Port Manometer Probe kit. Another offering that coordinates with the Fieldpiece Job Link app, the manometers convey static pressure or gas pressure data directly to the app from as far as 350 feet away.

The design element attracting attention to this pair of probes is that they work entirely independently from each other, allowing a tech to use them both at some distance from each other. The Job Link app can manage up to eight at a time, according to the company.

The probes feature a switchable P1-P2 indicator, and a tech can zero out either one using the button on the handle.

Fieldpiece noted that this design allows techs to keep things neat with less hose length involved. Meanwhile, it said, the independent sensors allow for placement exactly where it should be regardless of circumstance, such as measuring between zones without having to snake a hose past the door. This design allows techs to monitor gas pressure across the regulator overtime to see if there are any fluctuations with pressures at the inlet and outlet gas valve. The product also has rugged metal tips, a strong rotating magnet, and all accessories included for static and gas applications.



The first thing many visitors to the booth saw was a VP85 vacuum pump. The 8 cfm pump features a DC motor and is meant to allow for smooth running in colder weather and lower voltage.

The company singles out one feature of its vacuum pumps as unique: the four in-line ports in three different sizes that allow for tidy hose routing and hose options. Another feature for the HVACR professional is the extra wide base to help prevent the pump from tipping and spilling oil.



Displayed as a pair in the middle of the booth were the JL3PR system pressure probe and the JL3RH flex psychrometric probe.

The pressure probe also features 350-foot compatibility with the app, along with a 45-degree angled fitting to easily connect in tight spaces. The manufacturer noted that the water-resistant JL3PR is accurate at any elevation, features a field-replaceable gasket, and is suited for critically charged systems.

A direct connect to the service port means no need for hoses, the company explained, achieving little to no refrigerant loss. Handy in the field, the indicator switch automatically tells the Job Link systems which side a tech is testing, once the tech selects red for liquid side or blue for suction side.

The JL3RH psychrometric probe shares the same connectivity capabilities. The company touts the long, flexible wand and strong sliding magnet for getting instant live readings from ducts, plenums, registers, or grilles for accurate diagnostics.

The unit requires only a 3/8-inch hole for duct testing, according to Fieldpiece. As for the wireless signal, it is designed to be strong enough to go through most walk-in coolers and freezers, while the return and supply indicator switch ensures a tech is recording the proper measurements in the correct place.

The JL3RH measures dry bulb, wet bulb, relative humidity, dew point, and enthalpy.



The Fieldpiece team mentioned it has received “great customer feedback” about its refrigerant recovery offering.

The SM480V Wireless 4-Port SMAN® Refrigerant Manifold and Micron Gauge is designed to offer a list of features as long as its name. Rugged overmold casing, a reinforced hook, and hermetically sealed sight glass serve to make a sturdy first impression. An impact-resistant screen, thoughtfully placed thermocouple ports, and water resistance amplify its durability.

On the data logging front, the SM480V stores up to nine jobs internally, with access to downloadable data via USB. The unit displays its remaining free storage space before logging begins, and it can log for up to seven days/168 continuous hours.

Users can customize other settings, including the duration for the auto-power off setting and the backlight duration. Techs may set high and low vacuum alarms and can set each unit of measurement individually as well.



The manufacturer had additional big news to share beyond the booth. It issued a press release during the show to announce its new chief executive officer, Cameron Rouns.

His previous experience covers a range of businesses from pre-revenue startups to Fortune 500 companies including KimberlyClark, Medtronic, Abbott, and others where the focus has been on developing and commercializing breakthrough technologies.

“The success of an organization is based on having strong ties to the customers you serve,” Rouns said in the statement. “I was inspired and very aligned with Fieldpiece’s customer-driven culture and the deep commitment of bringing innovation to the HVACR industry.”

“Cam has a strong history of leveraging advanced innovation to propel businesses to dominant market positions,” added Fieldpiece Instruments’ founder, Rey Harju. “As we continue to develop new products and refine our current ones, we will rely on Cam to provide feedback and keep us on the right path.”