Company: Grundfos Americas

Product: Hydro MPC CME

Description: Part of the Hydro MPC platform, this product is a compact, reliable, and energy-efficient packaged pumping system ideal for pressure boosting and HVAC applications in apartments, large homes, and multistory buildings. Combined with variable speed multistage pumps, it features an MLE motor, a permanent magnet VFD/motor with IE5 efficiency, and CU 352 controller with standard 100kA SCCR fault current rating. This plug-and-pump system is easy to specify and install. Key features include a performance range of max 330 gpm and max pressure 145 psi; efficiency-based pump sequencing; end of curve protection; and check valve failure detection. A suction pressure transducer is included for dry-running protection.

Contact:, eProduct 182

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