ORLANDO, Fla. – Dynatemp International Inc. hosted a 15th floor pregame party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, February 2. The 75 to 100 attendees gathered after a day of sales meetings to unwind with drinks, food, and a whole lot of football discussions as they waited for the 2020 Super Bowl to begin.

“It's a unique weekend with the Super Bowl and the AHR Expo,” said Will Gresham, executive vice president of Dynatemp. “We didn't want to compete with the Super Bowl so we thought we'd have a pregame option to introduce some new products and get everybody together.”

During the event, customers had hands-on access to the new products that Dynatemp rolled out: its line of hydrocarbons for appliances. According to Gresham, the company is focusing this year on hydrocarbons and alternatives as the regulation landscape continues to change.

"Specifically we are looking at isobutane and propane," he said. "We've been producing, packaging, and selling them for a couple of months now. The response has been great."

There is also a focus on DynaCycle, the company's reclamation program. Its goal is to continue the removal of HCFCs that are being phased out by taking them out of the market and reclaiming them for possible future use. According to the company, those using the DynaCycle program have the opportunity to turn what is often a cost center into a profit center. There are no freight costs, cylinder exchange fees, or obligation to purchase refrigerant. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant reports are supplied at no charge. 

"We pay for R-22 and pure HFCs and HFOs," said Gresham. "You can get paid for your valuable refrigerants too."

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