Company: Danfoss

Product: VSH Inverter Scroll

Description: The new third-generation VZH compressor retains the strengths of previous generations with the added benefits that come with IDV technology (for 13 to 26TR compressors). IDVs reduce excessive refrigerant compression under part-load conditions while maintaining the same cooling capacity as standard air conditioning systems. They adapt the effort of the motor to the pressure conditions in the system, opening when the operating pressure ratio falls below the built-in pressure ratio and the pressure inside the scroll pocket exceeds the condensing pressure. This reduces the effort of the motor and its electrical consumption, improving the system’s seasonal energy efficiency.

The new VZH compressors are backward compatible with previous generations of Danfoss VZH scrolls, reducing complexity and minimizing any need for redesign and requalification.

The Danfoss VZH line with IDV technology offers a single solution with a wide operating map for multiple applications that would otherwise require different optimizations and compressor models, reducing complexity and simplifying inventory management.

Contact: Danfoss

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