SALT LAKE CITY EnerBank USA announced the awarding of the first ever EnerBank USA Funding the Future Scholarship to Jordan Brill, a student at Ohio Business College, as part of the EGIA Foundation’s second annual scholarship program.

Brill received $2,500 toward her HVAC education, among 15 HVAC students total who were bestowed scholarships from the EGIA Foundation.

“EnerBank is excited to be part of building the future generation of the HVAC workforce and promoting the wages and ownership opportunities available to these professionals,” said Charlie Knadler, president and CEO of EnerBank and founding board member of the EGIA Foundation. “Jordan is really deserving of our first company scholarship. We wish her tremendous success in her HVAC career. We’re proud to be part of the EGIA Foundation program.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the current HVAC technician shortage at 70,000, and 115,000 new HVACR professionals will be needed to meet the demand by 2022. The EGIA Foundation Scholarship Program was created to help increase the number of qualified workers entering the HVAC industry by lowering the costs associated with proper education and training, and promoting HVAC as a first-choice career. The foundation also works to change stigmas associated with work in the trades and to raise awareness of the well-paying, valued, and increasingly higher-tech careers that are available.

“I never really knew what I wanted to do when I ‘grew up’ until I started to research and discover what all of my options were to best support my daughter and build the life for her that she deserves,” said Brill. “After interviewing technicians in the field, I became overwhelmingly inspired to pursue a career in HVACR. Being able to critically think, strategize, and develop solutions when I go to work every day makes me excited that I will be able to reach my potential and make a difference with my career of choice.”

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