WASHINGTON — The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the country’s April employment report today, revealing unemployment at 3.9 percent, the lowest level since 2000. In the construction industry, modest increases were seen in both the nonresidential and residential specialty construction sectors.

“March’s job losses in the construction industry were very concerning,” said Jack Jacobson, spokesperson for the Construction Employers of America. “We’re pleased to see growth in construction employment in April. This is the height of the construction season in many parts of the country, and we would anticipate continued strength in the construction industry throughout the summer months.”

The economy overall created 164,000 new positions in April, which is slightly lower than economists had forecasted. The construction industry added 17,000 jobs, 11,100 of which were in the specialty construction sector. Both nonresidential and residential specialty construction posted job gains after unexpected declines in March.

“March was a difficult month for the construction industry,” continued Jacobson. “The Department of Commerce reported that construction spending in March had fallen 1.7 percent. With March’s construction employment decline, it’s clear that more has to be done to get Congress and the administration focused on developing a comprehensive infrastructure investment plan.

“As the construction economy improves, our members will be focused on continuing to grow the ranks of highly skilled construction workers with the training needed to build and maintain our nation's infrastructure,” continued Jacobson. “This can only be done through the continued expansion of high-quality registered apprenticeship programs and an emphasis on pre-apprenticeship training that prepares young people for a successful rewarding career in specialty construction. CEA members have established a long history of investment, experience, and success in training apprentices for long-term careers. Our programs are well-prepared to meet the growing needs of the specialty trade construction industry.”

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Publication date: 05/09/18