COLUMBUS, Ohio—HARDI recently announced the creation of its first “40 Under 40” list, recognizing the top 40 industry employees younger than 40. The list will be published in a spring issue of Distribution Center Magazine.

“This list is more than a simple ‘pat on the back’ for young, talented HARDI members,” said Emily Saving, HARDI vice president, professional & program development. “There are tens of thousands of eligible HARDI members, making this a very competitive group. Whoever makes it onto the list shouldn’t just be proud of it, they should add it to their list of accolades.”

HARDI member companies might also see this as an opportunity to show off their level of talent to the rest of the industry.

“We have many under 40 key contributors on our team and we couldn’t be more proud of how they’ve not only adopted but helped improve our culture and passion for serving customers. They truly are making a positive difference in our company,” said Geary Pacific CEO Layne Miller.

Nominations – open to all HARDI members, not just wholesalers – will be evaluated based on the individual’s performance in innovation, leadership, problem solving and contributions to the industry or community. Members can nominate more than one person or even nominate themselves. Selections will be made by the HARDI board of directors following the nomination deadline of August 31.

 Nomination forms and additional details are available at