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As an editor, I’m wedded, at least slightly, to the editorial calendar for each issue. Distribution Center’s editorial calendar for January essentially called for articles about the economic picture and our industry. We delivered that a month early  in December‘s Forecasting issue. But we also had a special products roundup linked to the AHR Expo for January. Then, I thought, why not go further? In addition to a product that manufacturers will highlight at the conference, I requested comments from manufacturers about why they attend the AHR Expo. Actually, I asked for a (short) essay.  It’s a huge event, and most smart people, especially my wholesaler friends, have a plan when they attend. I suspect that it might pay dividends to visit those manufacturers listed in the pages that follow. (In some instances, we only a product description or essay.)



Airgas Refrigerants

The Essay: The AHR Expo is the world’s largest HVACR marketplace. Airgas Refrigerants is one of the largest suppliers of refrigerant gases in the United States. We participate in the AHR Expo to maintain our vital connections in the refrigerants, air-conditioning and refrigeration communities. It makes sense for us to demonstrate our leadership position at this leading conference. 

AHR is widely attended and attracts many refrigerant purchasers and suppliers from around the world. As a member of a number of important trade groups, including HARDI, Airgas looks for forums for input and debate from many different constituents on a wide range of issues. At AHR we interact with customers, manufacturers, partners and all of the world leaders in refrigeration. It’s where we talk with reporters and editors from industry publications that cover the news, raise issues and advocate for comprehensive refrigerant policies and practices.

Our interactions at AHR help build relationships and address industry issues. With our customers, partners and manufacturers, we discuss current industry topics, future product availability as well as U.S. and international regulations for refrigerants.  For refrigerant supply companies, AHR is the place to be. Jay Kestenbaum, senior vice president, Sales and Purchasing

Airgas Refrigerants


Airia Brands

Airia Brands Inc. is proud to introduce the latest series of Lifebreath high performance Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs). These compact models easily fit into closets or tight locations where space is at a premium. The top-port design allows for convenient ducting of the units in any direction. The new model 130ERVR includes a wall control for accessing both air exchange and recirculation modes. The recirculation feature in particular is ideal for use with ductless heating/cooling systems where low-level air circulation and intermittent (on demand) ventilation are required. The same damper that allows for these various operating modes also positively closes off the fresh air supply port should the system be placed in a stand-by or recirculation mode. Drains are not required, and the automatic frost prevention strategy allows for installation in many climates. HVI certified for top performance and ease of installation features make Lifebreath ERVs the top of their class.

The Essay: Airia Brands Inc. has exhibited at AHR for decades and has always found this to be a worthwhile event. This is especially true given the show’s centralized location in Chicago this year as it tends to attract a wider audience from across the country. As a manufacturer of Energy/Heat Recovery Ventilators, we are always looking to network with those involved in the design, distribution and installation of HVAC equipment for both residential and commercial applications. AHR brings our industry’s professionals together in one convenient place.

AHR is a great opportunity to educate our existing sales force on the new products we have on display as well as seek out manufacturer representatives to fill openings. It’s an excellent occasion to discuss projects with engineers interested in finding solutions for their designs as well as contractors who are looking for equipment that is installer friendly. Communicating directly with our distribution partners on topics related to their business is vital in bringing everything together.  Given there are many trade shows to choose from, AHR offers the best return on investment.  Robert Ferris, C.I.M., director of Business Development


Airia Brands Inc.


Appion Inc.

The appION Wireless Digital Gauge series features certifiable and NIST-traceable high-accuracy pressure gauges and a full range vacuum gauge measuring from atmosphere to 1 micron, perfect for advanced system analysis on evolving, complex, high-efficiency systems. Accurately measure the entire evacuation process and immediately detect gross leaks, helping to reveal preventable delays. Improve upon “digital manifold” functionality with the free ION App™ for remote, real-time readings on your Smartphone or tablet. Active gauge readings enable superheat/subcool calculations, extensive refrigerant P/T lookup, custom layout configuration, multiple alarms and more. More functionality, reduced bulk. ION: Innovation turned On. AV760 Micron Gauge

Full range vacuum gauge measuring from atmosphere to 1 Micron.


Pressure Gauges

Wireless digital “stub” gauges: no hoses, no manifold.

P300: High resolution (0-300 psi) measurements

P500: “Low Side” (Compound 29inHg to 500 psi) measurements

P800: “High Side” (0-800 psi) measurements

I’ve been attending the AHR expo since 1972. I go to see amazing new technologies. The pace of innovation is truly remarkable. Products designed to increase efficiency and our standards of living like ice machines, VRFs, heat recovery systems, scroll compressors and a multitude of others are all on display at AHR. This expo gives us an opportunity to learn about advancements in the HVAC industry and to gather feedback from customers and users to better products and complement their needs. Appion strives to improve existing products and to manufacture new ones with our customers in mind. At AHR, we have the chance to be available for them and to hear what they want from us. Ten years ago, Appion introduced the G5Twin. Six years ago we introduced the Tez8 Speed System. Both of these have simplified the recovery and evacuation processes and saved contractors countless hours in the field. I have found that attending AHR also gives industry leaders the time to connect, share concerns and to educate each other as well as our users on topics such as safety, industry responsibilities and proper procedures of HVAC processes, continuing to improve the efficiency, integrity and advancements of the trade. David Boyd, vice president, Sales and Education





Bacharach Inc., a leading USA manufacturer serving the HVACR industry for over 106 years, will present its new INSIGHT® Plus Combustion Analyzer with industry-first Tune-Rite™ software at the upcoming 2015 AHR Show in Chicago.  Tune-Rite™ is an innovative, on-demand “assistant” that can help both the newly graduated technician and the seasoned contractor save money by making more thorough and efficient service calls. It monitors the analysis process along with you to help you determine if the heating system you’re evaluating is operating in acceptable parameters. If it is, Tune-Rite™ will show you. If the system is not performing within an acceptable range, Tune-Rite™ makes helpful troubleshooting recommendations so you can efficiently tune the system as needed.  Its full-color screen displays real-time readings with intuitive indicators so you can see exactly when the system has reached steady-state as well as how your adjustments are affecting it.  Tune-Rite™ can even print out “as found” and “as left” readings, in addition to a checklist of issues addressed, repaired or adjusted during the service call, to leave with the homeowner for added credibility. For more information, visit or          

The Essay:  Bacharach Inc., a U.S. manufacturer since 1909, has been an exhibitor at the AHR Expo for the last 35 years.  We look forward to participating annually, as the Expo is well attended by a good cross-section of our customer base, including international markets.  The event attracts current customers and prospects that have interest in our extensive product offering of portable and fixed gas detection and monitoring products.  Bacharach manufactures precision instruments for combustion and emissions analysis, refrigerant and combustible gas leak detection, refrigerant and toxic gas monitoring and other HVAC instrumentation and tools.

Bacharach leverages the opportunity AHR provides to meet with partners in the industry and typically will hold meetings with manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and vendors.  Our main goals and objectives center on presenting new products, technologies and services and obtaining sales leads of interested attendees.  We’ve also taken advantage of the marketing opportunities offered by the AHR sponsors to secure a sponsorship banner on the AHR “Map Your Show” interactive show floor plan, where we receive prospect leads of event attendees who plan on visiting our booth.  Using this and other promotional tools, we are able to connect with prospective buyers before, during and after the Expo. Kay Wasieleski, vice president, Marketing & Customer Service




Carlisle HVAC Products

Do The Math:

The Right Company + The Right Delivery System + The Right Product = Savings

Carlisle HVAC continues to provide solutions that set new standards in the HVAC sealant industry. SPRAY-SEAL™ is a revolutionary duct sealant specially formulated for spray applications on the jobsite. When used in conjunction with the Hardcast Mobile Duct Sealant Delivery System, SPRAY-SEAL can provide:

Labor & cost savings of up to 50%

• Reduced application time.

• Easy mobility after curing, eliminating cracking that occurs with traditional duct sealants.

• Consistent, uniform coverage with spray application.

• Enhanced performance for higher SMACNA pressure classes.

• Increased coverage rate.

• Elongation of 500%.

• Access to LEED® credit requirements.

• Portable Delivery System (out of the shop, into the ?eld).

• USDA, FDA EPA Approval.

Improving Coverage and Reducing Labor

This one-of-a-kind portable system signi?cantly reduces the time required for duct sealant applications, providing an easier, more ef?cient method of sealing ductwork with an increased coverage rate, especially when compared with traditional duct sealant systems. Because of its unique characteristics, SPRAY-SEAL can provide labor and cost savings of up to 50% and, as a low-VOC, water-based product, also contributes toward LEED credit requirements. With more than 70 units in the ?eld, SPRAY-SEAL is the only proven system of its kind in the industry, achieving air tight protection for the lifetime of the duct. Compatible with Virtually Any Duct System

SPRAY-SEAL is an all-purpose sealant for use on all types of metal duct, glass ?ber duct board and ?ex duct, as well as duct fabric and ?exible tubing runouts. Distinguished by its ability to accommodate vibration and movement, SPRAY-SEAL stays ?exible to save callback labor. SPRAY-SEAL’s excellent coverage rate and easy spray application provide low installation cost and less waste on the  job site.

The Essay: AHR is the largest show for Carlisle HVAC Products each year.  It provides an opportunity to highlight our 50 years of tradition, innovation, quality, sustainability and savings to contractors, engineers, architects, building owners and distributors. AHR allows Carlisle HVAC Products to showcase new products, continued improvements and other important strategies we see as significant to the industry. Nowhere but at AHR can we meet with such a diverse group of attendees.

Carlisle HVAC Products values this show because it is a prime opportunity for a broad representation of our products, solutions and capabilities to the full HVAC community.  This year, we are emphasizing a few new products and we are targeting demonstrations that show how our products “seal for life” HVAC ductwork.  Spray-Seal is a key focus this year as the requirements for leakage are becoming more stringent. Spray-Seal offers the best method for accomplishing a Class A seal on commercial ductwork and will last the lifetime of the ductwork at the least overall cost. Billy Prewitt, marketing manager


Carlisle HVAC Products


Centrotherm Eco Systems

At AHR 2015, we will be promoting our three lines of Polypropylene vent, which are: Single Wall Residential/Commercial, Flex and Concentric. We will be revealing two new products: our newly revised Twin Pipe to Concentric Adaptor and our Universal B-Vent Cap.


Twin Pipe to Concentric Adaptor

This newly revised adaptor has the same function as our previous adaptor. It pairs up two rigid vent lengths; intake and exhaust to a concentric pipe, where the intake and exhaust are combined as a pipe within a pipe. This new version is 100 percent polypropylene. It allows the user more flexibility when determining offsets.


Universal B-Vent Cap

Our Universal B-Vent Cap is comprised of two parts. When these parts are combined they can fit any b-vent from 3 inch through 6 inch and InnoFlue® diameters 2 inch through 5 inch.

The Essay: As we approach our fifth year as exhibitors at the annual AHR show, we at Centrotherm Eco Systems are proud to be a part of the premier trade show in the HVACR industry, which brings together companies from across the industry. The show gives us an opportunity to meet with contractors, other OEMs,and wholesale partners. There they can interact with our InnoFlue® products, ask our knowledgeable sales staff questions and provide feedback. At AHR, we are able to build personal relationships with face-to-face conversations with our audience. This creates brand recognition as well as personal relationships with industry professionals. When we attend, our goal is to get feedback from our users, educate industry professionals and get our product in front of as many attendees as possible. We become educated as a company by learning about new products in the market. AHR gives us the opportunity to reach our industry in ways that would otherwise not be possible. Jim Molloy, vice president, Business Development. 


Centrotherm Eco Systems



Covertech will be exhibiting its rFoil reflective insulation products at 2015 AHR Expo because it’s a great opportunity to showcase our New Big 8 reflective duct insulation to the world marketplace.  With more than 40,000 visitors, representing the entire spectrum of the industry, which includes HVACR  engineers, contractors, OEMs, wholesalers, distributors, facility managers and other professionals, we believe this is a great venue to generate leads and expand our business, not just in North America but around the world.

From Jan. 26 to 28 at booth 1250 at the McCormick Place North Hall in  Chicago, we will be showcasing our Big 8 reflective duct insulation, which has been designed for commercial, industrial and residential applications to reduce radiant heat gain/loss in duct applications. We look forward to seeing you at booth #1250. John Starr, vice president/Partner




Cozy Heating Systems          

Cozy High-Efficient Direct Vent Furnaces are perfect for residential, rental, vacation homes and below-grade applications. They mount easily on any outside or inside wall (with vent/exhaust extensions). The 5”-32” vent kit included eliminates costly venting and labor expenses. Enjoy 80+% AFUE efficiency by selecting a High-Efficiency Direct-Vent Furnace from Cozy, the trusted name in zone heating. Cozy Heating Systems LLC 3230 Industrial Parkway | Jeffersonville, IN 47130 Phone: 502-589-5380 | Fax: 502-589-5382

The Essay: We have consecutively attended AHR for more than 25 years.  Each year, we are impressed with the variety of manufacturers, associated heating and air-conditioning businesses, boiler and hydronic plumbers as well as the fact that it is the largest show in the nation. Ultimately, our goal is to educate potential customers on our product and company.  Additionally, we enjoy catching up with loyal customers, industry friends, vendors and manufacturing representatives.

Over the past few months, Cozy has a fresh, new look after going through a full rebranding.  Feel free to stop by our booth #6622 or visit our website: Leo J. Brown III, national sales manager


Cozy Heating Systems


Crown Boiler

Crown Boiler Co. has announced the launch of their latest product the Phantom, a stainless steel, condensing boiler. The Phantom fires at AFUEs up to 94% and features a water tube heat exchanger. The new boiler is available in five wall-mount sizes – 80, 100, 120, 150 and 180 MBH – with four more sizes (210, 285, 399 & 500 MBH) available as floor-mount boilers in the Phantom-X line. “We’re excited to get the Phantom on the market as we head into heating season,” says Lee Ensminger, national sales manager at Crown Boiler. “It’s a great opportunity for both contractors and Crown Boiler to get a more efficient product into the hands of homeowners.”

The Phantom is compactly designed and comes with a friendly touch screen user interface. With smart boiler features, including a modulating burner with a 5-to-1 turndown ratio and an intelligent boiler control, the Phantom will recognize a home’s heating needs and adjust to meet the demand. The standard outdoor reset function allows the boiler to adapt proportionately to outdoor temperature changes. “We designed this boiler with intelligence and efficiency front of mind,” commented Crown Boiler’s President, Yale Steingard.

Founded in 1949 as Crown Industries, Crown Boiler Co. has grown into an industry leader offering the latest in hydronic heating technologies. Crown’s product offerings include residential and commercial oil-and gas-fired cast iron boilers, stainless steel condensing boilers, indirect water heaters and warm air oil and gas furnaces. Over the years, Crown Boiler Co. has remained true to its guiding principles of delivering quality products with outstanding customer service at competitive pricing. For more information, visit or

The Essay: The AHR Expo is a great time for us at Crown Boiler to promote our latest products, like the Phantom and Phantom-X. It gives us an opportunity to get in front of the largest audience of contractors every year. We get to meet face-to-face with our customers from around the country and meet potential new customers. We find that the AHR Expo is where we get the best, most honest feedback on our product.

The AHR Expo is also great for checking out the state of the industry. There’s so much innovation in one building, it’s hard to take it all in. Seeing the products from various sectors of the air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration industries and finding market trends is always interesting. Lee Ensminger, national sales manager


Crown Boiler


DMI Companies

The Essay: For DMI Companies, the AHR Expo provides our company with many opportunities that we simply would not have without the annual convention.  We feel the Expo provides the best avenue to launch innovative new products to the industry.  Being able to show our new products each year gives us the best opportunity to reach a wide array of customers seeking out the best HVAC products and solutions.  It affords us the opportunity to see engineers, distributors, sheet metal contractors, and all our other end users in person and gives us the opportunity to hear their feedback directly.  These direct customer interactions along with the industry announcements are extremely helpful for us when we are developing new products for the HVAC industry.  There simply is not another option in our industry where we can get this level of insight and feedback directly from the industry that we support. Ray Yeager, president/CEO


DMI Companies



The Essay: DuPont Refrigerants has been a leader in the refrigerants industry for more than 80 years.   Our annual participation at the AHR conference is an extension of that leadership and industry commitment.  Entering the industry as the inventor of Freon® in the 1930s, DuPont has contributed greatly to the evolution of modern refrigeration commercializing new refrigerants to meet today’s changing needs.   The long history of DuPont innovation includes development of SUVA® and ISCEON® refrigerants which are zero ozone depleting refrigerants that enable an economical, nondisruptive global transition from HCFCs.  The most recent example is DuPont™ ISCEON® MO99™, which has quickly become the #1 replacement for R-22 in air conditioning systems around the world.

The AHR conference provides an opportunity for DuPont colleagues to interact and meet with our distributors, OEMs and local contractors at a common venue.  We share the latest on industry trends and opportunities to address the changing market dynamics. 

Our focus this year will be the R-22 phase-out and conveying the importance of having a refrigerant management plan, proactively managing the transition away from R-22, and utilizing ISCEON® MO99® to extend the life of existing R-22 equipment.   

In 2015, DuPont continues to apply its leadership in science and technology as it introduces the newest innovation in more environmentally sustainable refrigerants:  The Opteon® family of lower GWP refrigerants.  DuPont™ Opteon® XP40, XP44 and XP10, which were commercialized in Europe in 2014, are targeted for launch in the U.S. in 2015 as nonflammable replacements for R-404A and R-134a in refrigeration. Diane Iuliano Picho, NA regional business & market director, DuPont Fluoroproducts




Duro Dyne

The Essay: For the past few years, Duro Dyne has provided an interactive booth for attendees at the AHR Expo. We find live demos and having the customers actually install the products themselves or operate the machines in our booth leaves the most lasting impression.

We’ve always been proud of how often we introduce new products and processes into the HVAC field with an eye toward labor savings through efficiencies. The AHR Expo is the ideal niche to introduce our new products because it brings together the most active attributors to the advancements in the HVAC industry, and it allows us to show them in person the benefits of our products.

For this year, we will be focusing on our machinery line. Our new CDMF110 offers contractors a welding machine used with a standard 110-volt outlet. Our upgraded FG Mach III-Plus machine at the show will be capable of welding pins up to 4’’, thus addressing the higher R-value insulation now being specified around the world.  Our new PBF-510X2 pinspotter will be on site with dual guns, allowing for double the productivity and versatility from one machine. Lastly, we will be showing our LSU hand liner cutter for foam and poly insulation now seen more and more widestream in the HVAC industry.

Please visit us at booth #4435 to see our latest labor saving products in action and try them out for yourself. David Krupnick, vice president, Sales


Duro Dyne



The Essay: AHR 2015 is Gearing Up to be the Best Yet!

I always look forward to connecting with the HVAC industry at AHR.  It’s the one conference where I know that I will come away with great insight into trends in the industry, new technologies and great new contacts.  This year is no exception – in fact, I am even more excited about AHR in 2015 than I’ve ever been.  Here’s why:


1. Our industry is evolving faster than ever.  We’re seeing consumer technology become integrated with home infrastructure.  Our HVAC appliances are connecting to the Internet, and our customers are interacting with them more than ever.  This presents a significant and new opportunity for our industry.


2. More environmentally conscious.  As our appliances have gotten smarter, they have also become more environmentally conscious.  With more and better data from Internet connectivity, our HVAC systems are making smarter and more energy-efficient decisions.


3. ecobee3 smarter Wi-Fi thermostat.  This is the first AHR conference where we’ll be demonstrating the new ecobee3 smart thermostat, which uses wireless remote sensors to help customers save energy and increase their home comfort.


It’s an exciting time to be in our industry, and I know that I’ll walk away from AHR 2015 even more excited about what’s to come. Stuart Lombard, CEO




Emerson Climate Technologies

Climate Technologies Flow Controls, a business unit of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) announced the launch of its new EX3 electronic expansion valve.  The EX3 is a, stepper-motor driven electronic expansion valve that provides precise mass flow control and high-energy efficiency for supermarket showcases and cold rooms with multiple parallel evaporators.  The EX3 was recognized with an honorable mention in the refrigeration category of the 2015 AHR Expo Innovation Awards competition sponsored by ASHRAE, AHRI and the AHR Expo.

The EX3 has an integrated solenoid mechanism allowing it to shut off the refrigerant line automatically in case of power interruption without requiring an external battery or any other energy-storing devices.  The IP67 rating of EX3 ensures outstanding performance even under the most severe working conditions, while the unique valve body design provides the benefits of easy on-site commissioning, maintenance and service. In contrast, conventional thermal expansion valves are sensitive to the load changes that occur seasonally.  System superheat settings and evaporator controls can fluctuate greatly during hot or cold outdoor conditions or changing case loads, negatively impacting energy efficiency and causing case temperature instability.

The EX3 is designed as a complement to the Dixell™ electronic controller, although it will work with controllers from other manufacturers. The combination of the EX3 and the Dixell controller provides a complete integrated and intelligent solution to maximize system energy-savings.

The Essay: Emerson Climate Technologies will feature our newest products and technology in booth #5010 at the 2015 AHR Expo. Our theme of Transforming Technology speaks to the focus Emerson has on helping our industry partners drive their businesses forward. Our booth includes three key sections of focus: efficiency, connectivity and refrigerants. Visitors to our booth will be able to review our Copeland Scroll™ compressor lineup, including our full range of modulating technology. We will also be showcasing our controls, including our Sensi™ thermostat and our new ComfortGuard service. In addition, we will have a display featuring our new EX3 valve, an Innovation Award Honorable Mention winner. Our leadership in the area of refrigerants will be shown with displays that underscore our focus on CO2 for refrigeration and our view on the future of refrigerants.  We look forward to talking with HARDI members at the Emerson Climate Technologies booth and we hope you stay to see one of our in-booth seminars. For more information on Emerson Climate’s plans for AHR, visit Tim Flinn, vice president, Marketing & eBusiness


Emerson Climate Technologies


Fluke Corp.

Maintenance technicians make better, faster decisions when they have field access to maintenance records and when they can review measurements in real time with team members and supervisors. Yet records are usually kept back in the office, and team members are rarely in the same place at the same time. The Fluke Connect™ system solves these problems while increasing the safety of technicians working with energized equipment.

The Fluke Connect system allows maintenance technicians to wirelessly transmit measurement data from their test tools to their smartphones for secure storage on the cloud and universal team access from the field. More than 20 Fluke tools connect wirelessly with the app, including digital multimeters, infrared cameras, insulation testers, process meters and specific voltage, current and temperature models.

Technicians can AutoRecord™ measurements and infrared images to Fluke Cloud™ storage from wherever they’re working, without writing anything down. Everyone on the team with a smartphone and the app can see the data. Team collaboration is made easy with ShareLive™ video calls, where technicians can share measurements with other team members in real time, get approvals for repairs or get questions answered without leaving the field. The Fluke Connect app features EquipmentLog™ history, which allows technicians to assign measurements to specific equipment, creating a cloud-based history of test measurement data for easy access during both troubleshooting and reliability maintenance. And TrendIt™ enables technicians to instantly graph data, helping to identify trends and quickly make informed decisions. Fluke Cloud storage is built upon state-of-the-art security, including secure access, electronic surveillance, multifactor access control systems, built-in firewalls and encrypted data storage. The Fluke Connect app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. For more information about the Fluke Connect, visit:

The Essay: AHR Expo embraces what makes the HVACR market so vibrant: great technology adoption to deliver more efficiency to customers, a passion for energy management, and an emphasis on tackling skills growth and educating technicians on safety — all areas Fluke cares passionately about as well. The show gives us an unparalleled opportunity to talk with contractor/owners, senior technicians and field experts about how their businesses are changing, what areas they see their growth coming from and how their test tool usage may be changing. For Fluke, AHR Expo is also the culmination year-long collaborations with HVAC Excellence, AHR and the UA, so it is an opportunity to look back on the progress we have all made as well as kick off a brand-new year of exciting new initiatives. AHR Expo is one of Fluke’s key trade shows. Leah Friberg, Global Education, Content Development and public affairs manager


Fluke Corporation


Glasfloss Industries

Glasfloss manufactures a full-line of replacement filter options for specific Honeywell, Aprilaire, Trion, Goodman and Amana air cleaners.  Glasfloss Air Cleaner replacement filters are available in most standard sizes in MERV 8, MERV 11 and MERV 13 efficiencies.  For more information on Glasfloss Air Cleaner filters or other Glasfloss products, please visit:

The Essay: As the oldest family-owned and operated HVAC filter manufacturer in the United States, Glasfloss Industries has been exhibiting at the AHR EXPO for several decades.  Over the years at the AHR EXPO, Glasfloss has developed many new business relationships, strengthened relationships with current customers and gathered valuable information about the industry and international markets. The AHR EXPO brings the entire world of HVACR companies, products and innovations under one roof, providing valuable information for vendors and buyers to make key business decisions for the coming year.  Glasfloss uses this opportunity to promote new and existing products to this worldwide customer base.  The AHR EXPO also provides a convenient central location for Glasfloss to meet with individual distributors and rep agencies that represent our product line throughout the United States.

For 2015, Glasfloss is excited once again to be exhibiting at the AHR EXPO in Chicago and we look forward to seeing our many loyal customers and hopefully developing some new business relationships as well. Mark Filewood, vice president, Sales and Marketing


Glasfloss Industries



When noise reduction is important, Lau’s Cobra Blade can be used as an alternative to standard condenser blades for significantly quieter operation.  The large blades cut through and minimize noise-generating turbulence, reducing tonal annoyance.  Cobra Blades are made of high-strength aluminum and are available in 2-, 3- and 4-blade configurations in diameters from 22” to 28” in various pitches and rotations.  All have an interchangeable hub.    A cross reference is also available to make choosing the correct replacement propeller simple.  Target applications for the Cobra Blades are residential and commercial condensers and heat pumps, commercial chillers and packaged outdoor units.  Stop by booth #5336 or visit for additional information or to find a sales representative in your area.   

The Essay: We choose to exhibit at the AHR Conference because it is a unique opportunity for both the OEM side of our business and the aftermarket side of our business to interact with many of our customers under one roof and in the span of three days.  Of course, it also provides us with an occasion to engage with many potential new customers.  This year, we will not only be showing some new product but will also be debuting a refreshed look to our brand.  There is no better time or place to launch a new product or campaign than the AHR Conference.  From an attendee standpoint, the level of expertise leading the educational programs is unmatched. Anna Schlotterbeck, sales and marketing manager





“QuickCoils” NetBraze standard and proprietary phos copper brazing alloys are now available coiled in a continuous length up to 22 feet. Exclusive technology increases the ductility of the alloy, allowing it to be coiled. A 22-foot coil equals about 14 standard cut lengths. Operators can lose up to 20% of the alloy by discarding leftover stubs. QuickCoils save time and money and are easy to carry in a toolkit. Available in most phos copper alloys.

The Essay:  The AHR Show offers the opportunity to connect with a broad spectrum of contractors and wholesalers and meet with our manufacturer’s representatives all in one venue.  Although NetBraze manufactures phos copper, silver brazing and soldering alloys and fluxes, our focus is to bring innovative products to the industry.  Our founder, Joe Harris, came back to the market because we have something new to say.  It takes time to get the word out to users and wholesalers one by one, and AHR reaches a large domestic and international audience in a few days.  Providing innovation, quality and excellent customer service is our mission.  We are a family-owned business, and have found that companies are looking for more than just price and commodity.  Talking with people face to face builds relationships, and we learn a lot by listening.  The development of new alloys that offer economic benefit and new processes that increase efficiency are at the forefront of what we do every day.  The AHR Show is an excellent mechanism to reach a large number of the right people about our innovative products in a short amount of time. Left, Jolie Harris, partner, Sales and Marketing and Robin Harris, managing partner.


NetBraze LLC


Waterfurnace International

The Aurora Universal Protocol Converter (UPC) is now available on Versatec Base, Versatec Ultra and Envision² Compact products from WaterFurnace International, Inc., the leading manufacturer of water source and geothermal heat pumps.

Designed to incorporate the advanced features, performance and controls of WaterFurnace Aurora-based heat pumps into commercial building automation systems (BAS), the Aurora UPC seamlessly communicates with Aurora boards and converts the Modbus protocol to BACnet MS/TP, LON or OpenN2 protocol. The module provides access to unit sensors, relay operations and faults and allows individual unit configuration – all without the need to manually access the heat pump. A portable touch-screen interface gives a technician full access to equipment status, parameter values, temperatures and humidity sensing as well as access to alarm and trend history.

The Aurora UPC features a multiprotocol field selectable communication port that supports:

• EIA-485 BACnet MS/TP @ 9600, 19.2k, 38.4k, 76.8k baud.

• Metasys OpenN2.

• LonWorks TP/FT-10 (requires optional LON plug-in communication card).


The controller includes an onboard CR2032 battery with a 10-year lifespan to provide 720 hours of cumulative power outage capacity. The Aurora UPC also features:

• LEDs for status of power, network communication, processor operation and errors.

• Local laptop or Aurora Touch Interface connection for field service and configuration.

• Heating and cooling control from a remotely located zone sensor.


In addition, the Aurora UPC includes an Rnet communication port that allows up to five ZS Series Rnet zone sensors to be connected for space temperature averaging.

To learn more, visit

The Essay: The AHR Expo is one of the largest tradeshows that WaterFurnace attends each year, which makes it a great place to not only introduce new customers to our products but also strengthen existing relationships. With so much of the industry together in one location, we take the opportunity to schedule meetings with our trade partners, vendors and customers from around the world.  Additionally, the expo is a great place to seek out new business opportunities – from potential acquisitions and joint ventures to establishing connections with engineers, facility managers and other trade professionals. Finally, because everyone from the attendees to the exhibitors to the trade press is there to see what’s new in the marketplace and gauge where the industry is headed, it’s the perfect place for us to get the exposure we need from a tradeshow. Overall, AHR is a great place to display our portfolio of products from our family of brands, both residential and commercial. That’s why WaterFurnace has been exhibiting for years. Michael Albertson, senior vice president, Sales & Marketing, WaterFurnace International


WaterFurnace International