App Title: ZoneFirst
Company: ZoneFirst 
Price: Free
Platform(s): iTouch, iPhone, iPad

The ZoneFirst app will help calculate the energy savings resulting from adding ZoneFirst Zone Temperature Control Systems to a heating and air conditioning system. By entering the monthly utility bill, and other information about energy usage, and the cost of installation of the zoning system, users can get an estimation of how much ZoneFirst will save in energy and provide a return on your investment estimate. 

"The ability to save energy and improve your comfort is what ZoneFirst Zone Control is all about," said the company. "Just like you have a light switch in every room in your home, a thermostat in every zone will allow you to shut off the rooms or zones you’re not using saving energy here while keeping comfortable in the zone you’re occupying. Heating and cooling typically represents 50 to 75 percent of your monthly utility bill."

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