CHICAGO — Lux Products Corp. is a manufacturer that designs with the end user in mind. This is made evident when you talk with Robert Munin, CEO and president, or even when you visit the company’s “about us” section on its website.

“From our first timing devices created back in 1914, to the acclaimed smart thermostats we produce now, everything we do revolves around you,” is the credo Lux lives by, as stated in the online company bio.

Indeed, the products the company revealed at the 2018 AHR Expo followed suit.

The Lux Kono Smart Edition, airSMART IAQ monitor and control bundle, and new Lux app are contractor and consumer-centric products designed to be customizable.


“Lux has redefined itself with industry innovative products focused on the HVAC professional and improving the comfort and convenience of the homeowner,” said Munin.

With this idea in mind, the Lux KONO Smart Pro Edition has many customizable options for both consumers and contractors.

“Homeowners love KONO Smart Pro Edition’s designer look with its exclusive Décor-Snap covers and the fact that it is Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit compatible,” said Munin. “KONO Smart brings a new level of ease, personalization, and design to the home with a simple-to-use and easy-to-install smart thermostat that embraces energy savings and gives homeowners personalized décor and comfort options. It’s a new conversation for the contractor that will resonate with their customers.”

The KONO Smart Pro Edition is a new product for the home automation and thermostat market, and it’s a great sales opportunity for contractors, as it is outfitted with customized features and settings that make it attractive to customers.

The Home & Away Aware feature automatically adjusts the temperature to a personally selected preference when leaving or entering the home by simply setting a custom radius on the Lux mobile app, and the Smart Tips feature automatically sends seasonal tips to homeowners on ways to help save energy.

Also, its easy install features make it simple for contractors to setup in customers’ homes.

“The KONO Smart Pro Edition is our newest thermostat designed with contractor-friendly installation features, including ‘no tools’ push terminals and dual power options by c-wire or via the included Lux Power Bridge for a guaranteed install and forever power,” said Munin.

In addition to these features, there is a co-branding program where contractors can add company branding and customization to the Lux Product app and accessories.

“What they do is go to, sign up, and they also get their logo imbedded in our app, so we will co-brand our app with their logo, so they become very top-of-mind to their customer, and we give them a two-year additional warranty automatically once they follow our program, which is very simple to do, and it’s free,” said Munin. “So, we think that is a pretty big deal.”


The airSMART Monitor & Control bundle allows contractors to offer both the Foobot, by Airboxlab, and the Lux GEOx smart thermostat.

“The airSMART Monitor & Control bundle gives contractors an integrated IAQ system,” said Munin. “It includes the Foobot air sensor to monitor gas and particulate pollution. This sensor ‘speaks’ directly to the Lux GEOx Wi-Fi-connected thermostat when a bad air event occurs and can control the HVAC circulation fan.”

The airSMART IAQ is a great solution for homeowners who experience allergy symptoms from mold allergens, pet dander, dust, and pollen, according to Munin. And, with this unique bundle, contractors are able to upsell an IAQ system that makes sense for the customer.


Currently, the Lux app is available on both Google Play and iTunes. The app includes the Home and Away Aware geofencing feature, it allows for scheduling with a utility cost estimator, can connect multiple thermostats, and learn occupant behavior as part of the Smart Tips feature. 

“Our technology is always changing — going forward — and that also goes for our app,” said Munin. “Currently, we’re redesigning our Lux app. It’ll be out this spring. Talk about customization, it has a whole series of personalization questions that will allow us to help the consumer better operate their thermostat to keep their comfort and energy savings top-of-mind. There are also some other fun features that we have that will increase engagement with the homeowner and our app.”

Publication date: 2/26/2018